Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Podcast- Digital Natives Access to and Use of Computers

I produced a podcast as part of my class at WaldenU. The idea was to come up with an age appropriate survey, interview three kids, record them as they are being interviewed and then put clips of their responses into the podcast. Unfortunately, I was only able to reach them by phone, so ended up writing out their answers as I questioned them and then recording the podcast myself. Below is my podcast with my reactions to the information I got from the students. It could be valuable to ask students what they think, and what they know and not assume what they know. The parents of the students I interviewed are very comfortable with computers, how to use them, search, facebook, word process. None of them are technophobic, but they also are not "geeks" who love computers and play with them in all sorts of ways. Listen and see what you think.

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